A Model of Living Resiliently in the Midst of Suffering

For about a year I’ve been digging in to the subject of resiliency. In some ways I think I’m an expert on the subject. At other times I don’t feel resilient in any form or fashion.

So what is resiliency? A simple definition is it’s the ability to bounce back after experiencing hardships or trauma.

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What ‘The Greatest Showman’ Can Teach Us About Accepting Ourselves

Have you seen the movie The Greatest Showman? It’s the fictional story of Phineas T. Barnum. However, the stars of the show – and the ones with whom I resonate – are Lettie (the bearded woman), Anne (trapeze artists), Charles (the little person General Tom Thumb) and the other performers who are hired as “unique persons” for Barnum’s museum and show.

It’s these characters’ sense of feeling like an outcast – and eventually embracing their differences – that has had me watching/listening to the movie over and over again.

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Berea, Kentucky: A Beautiful Series of Unfortunate Events

At the beginning of the year I decided I need to see more of Kentucky. I’ve lived in Louisville since I was 11 years old, but I haven’t seen the majority of the state. So when I found out I was going to go to and speak at Quality Life Association conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, I decided to make it an opportunity to see some sites along the way.

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My Favorite Things in the Kitchen

Let’s be honest. Cooking with a disability takes quite a bit of time and effort. With my Quadly Cooking recipes, I offer Tips & Tricks to making healthy meals. But in addition to easy shortcuts, good cooking utensils, gadgets and appliances are necessary. So I have made a list of my favorite things in the kitchen.

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