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When Jenny was 16 years old, she sustained a C6-7 spinal cord injury, leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. After completing her master’s degree in counseling psychology, she distributed wheelchairs for eight years in developing countries. For over 13 years, she supported cross-cultural workers as they served overseas.  

By coming alongside people with spinal cord injuries and chronic physical conditions, Jenny hopes to support and encourage others in their emotional, physical, and spiritual health as they adapt to life with a disability. She provides education, practical solutions, resources, and hope so people can live full and productive lives on her website JennySmithRollsOn.com.

One way Jenny stays physically active is rowing on the Ohio River with Louisville Adaptive Rowing. Reading historical fiction and writing are other hobbies she enjoys.

Smith is the author of two books. The Journey: Discovering Emotional and Spiritual Health after Disability helps people cope with the emotional impact of disability. In Live the Impossible, Jenny tells her story of living with a spinal cord injury and shares her message that we can all live the impossible even when life doesn’t go as planned.  


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