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My Secret for an Easily Packed and Organized Suitcase

If you have ever traveled, you’ve experienced it. Digging through a suitcase looking for that pair of pants you need right now. Inevitably, they’re on the very bottom and the contents of the suitcase become upended.

However, I’ve found a solution. I think I’m a bit late to the game, but I finally discovered packing cubes.

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My Favorite Things in the Kitchen

Let’s be honest. Cooking with a disability takes quite a bit of time and effort. With my Quadly Cooking recipes, I offer Tips & Tricks to making healthy meals. But in addition to easy shortcuts, good cooking utensils, gadgets and appliances are necessary. So I have made a list of my favorite things in the kitchen.

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My Favorite Things: E-Wand Mini-Blinds Starter Set (Video)

The E-Wand is a device that attaches to your mini-blinds. It allows you to open and close mini-blinds, as well Venecian and horizontal blinds, with the touch of a button. It’s officially on My Favorite Things list! No more living in a cave on sunny days or fumbling with difficult-to-turn wands! Watch my video below to see how they work.

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