My New Favorite Bra is Made by True & Co.

May 14, 2019

My New Favorite Bra is Made by True & Co.

Ever since my injury I’ve worn front closure bras. As a quad with limited hand function, these were my go-to for ease and function. But fewer front close bras – without a racerback – are being made.

What’s a quadly girl to do?

I desperately searched online for front closure bras to replace my aging ones. But with no success. I found plenty of racerbacks. I hate racerbacks. Not only do they dig in to my already tight trap muscles, the straps show when I’m wearing anything but a tank top. Definitely not workplace appropriate.

Feeling defeated, I decided to take a chance. After my successful click-bait journey to finding The Most Awesome Dress Pants Ever Made, I decided to click on a Facebook ad for True & Co.

True & Co. offers a quiz to determine what bras in their collection will fit you the best. Two of the recommended fits were a pullover style.

No closures!

I purchased two styles from True & Co.: the True Body Triangle Convertible Strap Bra and True Body Scoop Neck Adjustable Strap Bra. Both styles have thin, adjustable straps and removable padding.

And they have quickly been added to the list of My Favorite Things.

What’s so Great?

These wire-free, slightly lifting bras are seriously comfortable. The sizing chart seems accurate. I purchased what was recommended and both fit me well, though I prefer the fit of the scoop neck.

The bras go from the office to the gym. Because I wear a chest strap when playing sports or working out, I’ve actually unknowingly rubbed my skin raw as the chest strap and front closure rubbed against my skin. Now I don’t need to think ahead if I’ll working out that evening.

Another item on the Why-It’s-So-Great-List is the straps. Stretchy and comfortable, they don’t dig in or slip off my shoulder. The straps can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit.  

Color isn’t everything, but I purchased one bra in Dulce (nude) and the other in Retro Pink. I have to say the pink is simply perfect.

Pictures vs. Real Life

On the website, the pictures show the material extending flat under the bust line. In my experience, the material creeps up. Is it uncomfortable? I don’t know. I have a complete injury and the band is below where I have feeling. But the wrinkles haven’t left any sign of irritation or redness that concerns me.

Pictures from True & Co. website

What Could Use Still Some Work

My only complaint is that the light padding is removable. As I tried on both bras, the padding bunched up. And I couldn’t “un-bunch” it while I was wearing the bra.

Thankfully, my mom is a talented seamstress and she tacked down the padding in three places to prevent it from moving out of place. But for the cost of these bras, I shouldn’t have to modify anything on it. 

Putting it On

Okay, I might look like a contortionist at times trying to pull the material down and flat after getting it over my head. On occasion, I’ve had an “Oh, crap!” moment when I thought I had gotten myself tangled up. But I am flexible and have good range of motion. I can reach my stronger left arm around the back to get the material to lay flat. I realize some quads (or even paras or ABs) might have trouble doing this.

Getting the bra off is a breeze. After a long day, it’s nice not to have to fumble with difficult-to-manage closures.

Care Instructions

Hand washing or placing the bras on the delicate cycle is recommended by True & Co. The website suggests hang-drying the bras rather than placing them in the dryer. I washed mine on the delicate cycle with no problems.

Definitely Worth a Try

If you are looking for a new bra, this hits the mark for comfort, fit and no-fingers-needed.

Buy True and Co.

Get $15 off a True & Co. purchase by clicking this link. You must create a True & Co. account in order to receive store credit. Offer is valid only for new customers. I may receive credit toward True & Co. if you purchase from this link.

For a less expensive option, Target is now selling True & Co. True Everybody Bras. The material is not as high of quality, but it’s worth a shot for half the cost of the original.

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