After the onset of a disability, the medical community focuses on our physical well-being.

But where can people with disabilities get support for the emotional impact of a disability?

What People Have to Say

“This group was an incredible experience to meet others with SCI and learn from them how to manage daily life issues. However, what I consider even more important is finding ways to continue dreaming and seeking a better future.” – Participant

“The Journey helped me to start dealing with the numerous changes that accompanied my new life with a spinal cord injury. This was something that had been on the back burner as I spent the last few years learning how to take care of myself and the complications that go along with having a SCI. It was wonderful to be able to share with others who understood.” – Participant

The group beginning August 14 is full. To be on the waiting list or receive notifications about the next group, fill out the registration form.

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