Quadly Cooking

Quadly Cooking: Coconut Curry Lime Chicken with Rice Noodles

Let’s start off by defining Quadly Cooking. I’m a quadriplegic due to a C6-7 spinal cord injury. “Gimpy” or “quadly” aptly defines the function – or lack thereof – that I have in my hands.  Thanks to several surgeries called tendon transfers, I have a decent grip with my left hand that improved my ability to cook.

For a variety of reasons I try to make meals from almost-scratch if possible. Not only is it healthier, but I avoid food intolerances by cooking meals myself. I use a lot of short cuts that make cooking do-able and I’ll share these in the videos and posts. Continue reading “Quadly Cooking: Coconut Curry Lime Chicken with Rice Noodles”