About Jenny

I have a passion for motivating and educating others about life with a spinal cord injury through my speaking and writing. My desire is to see people of all abilities living a full and active life. I am trained as a counselor and serve as advocate, peer mentor and encourager. By providing practical solutions, resources and hope, my goal is to see others living full and productive lives.

I am a dynamic speaker and love to share my message of education and hope with students and medical professionals, as well as faith-based groups.

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A bit more information

When I was 16 years old, I sustained a C6-7 spinal cord injury, leaving me paralyzed from the chest down. After completing my master’s degree in counseling psychology, I distributed wheelchairs for eight years in developing countries. Currently I work with a non-profit organization supporting our workers while they live overseas. I am also a contributing writer at Bard Care. Rowing on the Ohio River and playing tennis and wheelchair rugby are just a few of the ways I enjoy staying physically active.