My Doctor Made Me Do It

I didn’t know what to expect. But I’d heard the horror stories. The inaccessibility. The discomfort.

I was past my doctor’s recommended age to have a mammogram. But my primary care doctor was relentless in her pursuit, so I made an appointment at an imaging center several miles from where I live.

At Bard Care we’re getting the word out about the importance of mammograms. Three of six of the women on our team have had breast cancer. Read my entire Bard Care article by clicking the link below.

My Dr


Do You Have a Wheelchair?

Have you ever stopped to consider if people in developing countries have access to wheelchairs or other mobility aids? I hadn’t until nine years after my injury when I asked David and Magda, two friends from Poland, what accessibility was like in their country. Read more at Bard Care by clicking the image below.

do you have a wheelchair