What Freed Me from the Prison of Spasticity

After my C6-7 spinal cord injury at age 16, I experienced severe muscle spasms. My legs would extend out straight or pull in so forcefully that the Velcro® strap behind my heels would break. I would kick off my shoes when my legs involuntarily shot out straight. My hands balled up in fists so tight that my finger nails left an impression on the palms of my hands

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Do Not Tell Me I’m Confined to a Wheelchair

I’d like to punch the person who first used the phrase “confined to a wheelchair.” Or at least roll over their foot with my power chair.

Earlier this week I got riled up after reading a great article about my friend. Unfortunately, the phrase “confined to a wheelchair” stuck out to me and left a bad taste in my mouth (as my grandma would say).

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How The Gift of Tendon Transfers Changed My Life

It had been 9 years since my spinal cord injury. I had just graduated with my master’s degree in counseling psychology. Although I was uncertain of my future career, I was sure of one thing: I was taking a year off to have a series of surgeries called tendon transfers.

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The Gift of Tendon Transfers after Spinal Cord Injury (video)

Why do I take the time to wrap gifts each Christmas? It gives me time to be thankful for the gift of Dr. John C. Shaw, who gave me increased hand function and independence through tendon transfers after my spinal cord injury. (Video)

Click on the picture below to watch my video at Bard Care about wrapping presents and tendon transfers.

To see other examples of how tendon transfers affect my ability to cook, watch Quadly Cooking: Cheeseburger Soup and Quadly Cooking: Coconut Curry Lime Chicken.