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How I Do a Sliding Board Transfer as a C6-7 Quad

“How do you get in and out of bed?” It’s a common question children ask. And if kids are asking, I know adults are wondering! Below is a video demonstration of a sliding board transfer. It’s entirely balance, physics and strength. I have no function below my level of injury, so this transfer is done completely with my arms and shoulders.


Do Not Tell Me I’m Confined to a Wheelchair

I’d like to punch the person who first used the phrase “confined to a wheelchair.” Or at least roll over their foot with my power chair.

Earlier this week I got riled up after reading a great article about my friend. Unfortunately, the phrase “confined to a wheelchair” stuck out to me and left a bad taste in my mouth (as my grandma would say).

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How The Gift of Tendon Transfers Changed My Life

It had been 9 years since my spinal cord injury. I had just graduated with my master’s degree in counseling psychology. Although I was uncertain of my future career, I was sure of one thing: I was taking a year off to have a series of surgeries called tendon transfers.

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