Abundant Living

After my injury it took me quite some time to learn, or re-learn, the concept of trying. My go-to response was, “I can’t.”

Eleven years after my injury, I finally attempted a sport again. I tried playing wheelchair tennis. I was awful. Seventeen years later, I’m still bad at tennis. But I try. And I play.

I’ve learned to live. What’s the use in being alive if you aren’t living boldly? Click below to read about 4 principles I try to put into practice to live an abundant life.

Abundant Living

4 thoughts on “Abundant Living”

  1. Jenny,
    Well, after reading Abundant Living I am tearing up. You go girl!!!!
    I pray for your recovery every day and look forward to the day when you are home & being your magnificent self!
    In Christ’s love,

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