How a Quadriplegic Gets Dressed (Video)

January 19, 2021
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How a Quadriplegic Gets Dressed (Video)

After a spinal cord injury, quads and paras need to re-learn how to live life. Getting dressed is one thing to figure out.

I’d said “never” too many times too count. That included saying, “I will never get dressed by myself.” Well, never say never. It took many years, but I figured out how to put on and take off a pair of pants – and my shoes.

I hope this video encourages you to focus on what is possible, not the “I will nevers.” It may not be getting dressed, but we all have something to overcome.

Don’t worry! Nothing was exposed in the making of the video! 🙂


A gifted athlete. An unthinkable accident. Will a wheelchair crush her adventurous spirit?

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Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith

After a spinal cord injury at 16, I discovered that a wheelchair could take me places I never dared to imagined.

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