ParaRowing on the Ohio River

October 20, 2020

ParaRowing on the Ohio River

Pararowing, or adaptive rowing, has kept me in good physical – and mental – health during 2020. The first Saturday in October was a perfect day to go for a row on the Ohio River. Enjoy the scenery of Kentucky and Indiana from the river. Read more below about the equipment I use that gives me freedom on the water.

Since I have no function from my chest down, when I do sports I use a binder from Eagle Sports (http://www.eaglesportschairs.com) to keep prevent my blood pressure from going too low and a chest strap to keep me upright. I use ActiveHands to hold the oars since I have no use of my hands.

If you’re looking for a small camera for videos that won’t break the bank, the Akaso EK7000 Pro does the job well, as you can tell. Even with quadly hands, the buttons and touchscreen are fairly easy to use.

Learn more about ParaRowing and the importance of physical activity with spinal cord injuries in these articles and videos:

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A gifted athlete. An unthinkable accident. Will a wheelchair crush her adventurous spirit?

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