Don’t Be Like Rosie: A Lesson in Self Care

I want to introduce you to a coworker. Rosie works in my office and she has a big job to do. It’s stated in her job description that she is supposed to periodically re-energize herself so she can finish her assignment. Regrettably, we find Rosie in odd places in the building, simply having lost her ability to do her job because she ran out of energy.

You see, Rosie is a Roomba vacuum cleaner. She is supposed to automatically head back to her docking station when she’s running low on power, but she often doesn’t make it back before her battery dies.

Sound familiar?

I believe Rosie is a wonderful analogy of how we often function. We work and work – because there is so much to do – until we have nothing left to give. Our task goes uncompleted and someone must physically help us back to a charging station.

Why do we not recharge on a regular basis before we are on “empty”?

Are we afraid? Too proud to ask for help? Don’t schedule the time?

Let’s try to learn this lesson. Whether it is your job, caregiving, parenting or living life with a chronic illness or disability, take some time for yourself.



Don’t be like Rosie.

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