BCIR for Bowel Program Maintenance with Spinal Cord Injury

October 3, 2018

BCIR for Bowel Program Maintenance with Spinal Cord Injury

A 3-month post-surgery video update on how the BCIR (Barnett Continent Intestinal Reservoir) surgery has given me the ability to independently do my bowel program for the first time in 29 years.

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  1. Hi Jenny, your video is awesome. I’m glad you were able to have the BCIR. I had my BCIR in 2012 at Palms. The freedom that I feel after removing the ostomy and having this amazing BCIR is nothing but awesome. Right after my recovery I went to the beach and was able to wear a bathing suit without the big t-shirts.

  2. Hi Jenny , I’ve just watched your video & it is so informative to all BCIR newbies or indeed anybody wanting to see exactly what is involved for intubating a BCIR . I follow your blog & you an inspiration to so many of us . Stay well , look after you & take care , hope your recovery continues to go well . Lots of love & sending best wishes from ??
    Regards Wend & Dave ??

  3. Hi Jenny. My mom lives in Florida and also has Dr Renhke. She is having terrible troubles getting anything out when she intubates. It has been suggested by my sister that perhaps she can get a portable suction machine to use. I have been assigned to find out what this machine is called, where to buy one for her and which ones are good. Wondering if you can help me out. You are amazing! I am seriously impressed with your attitude and the fact you put out this video helped me understand better what my mom goes through everyday. I live overseas so now I can visualize it much better. Thanks in advance and keep on rolling on

  4. I’m so glad the video is helpful! I’d highly recommend calling Dr. Rehnke’s office. Sue or Gail will be able to get you all the necessary info. I am no expert by any means. I’m sorry to hear she is having trouble. Has she just recently had the procedure?

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