Feeling Safe and Secure in My Home: Home Security

September 10, 2019
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Feeling Safe and Secure in My Home: Home Security

I had debated for a while whether I should get a home security system. But I was a bit unnerved after a neighbor’s house was broken into. After the break-in, I decided I would rather be safe than regret my decision if something should ever happen in my home-sweet-accessible home.  

But which home security system should I choose? Since a variety of options available, it was a bit overwhelming. I started by calling a friend at the police department and asked for his input.  

The options for security systems

Most systems have a variety of options, whether it is a single alarm on one door or multiple doors and/or windows. Many also offer smoke detection. All of the systems I researched would allow me to arm and disarm the system on both the touchpad and remotely via an app on my mobile phone. 

The most important factors for me were having a monitored system, reliability, ease of use and smoke detection.  

I love the fact that I can arm and disarm the alarm via the app on my phone while I’m in bed; I do not need to give the passcode to a care attendant.  

I also feel more secure knowing that if smoke is detected, the fire department will be called automatically. As a quad who takes a while to get out of bed, this is reassuring in the case of a fire.  

What steps should you take if you are interested in installing a home security system?

Here are my recommendations: 

  • Decide if you want a monitored system or not. A monitored system is one in which the security provider will automatically contact the appropriate local authorities (police or fire). A monthly fee is charged for monitoring and can vary greatly from company to company.  
  • Ask people you know which security providers have a good reputation in your area. If you know a local law enforcement officer, get their input. Which system do they have for their home? 
  • Decide if you need profession installation or want a do-it-yourself security system. Some do-it-yourself systems are very easy to install and have great customer service.  
  • Know your price point. How much can you afford per month if you chose a monitored system?  

One of my biggest fears I had was that I would trip the alarm. Yes, this has happened once when a friend dropped off groceries for me and didn’t know the code. Thankfully, it was my “first offense” and I was not charged by the police department. 

I’ve also been pleasantly surprised that my monthly fee has not risen – even after several years. 

If you have been considering a home security system, I hope the steps above will help you decide which features fit your needs.  



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