BCIR Update #1

Due to overwhelming support, but inadequate energy, here’s a brief overview of my BCIR journey so far. BCIR is an internal continent catheterizable colostomy with no external appliances like a colostomy or iliostomy. Go to for more info on the procedure and here for my journey on the decision.

I enjoyed “My Last Supper” and took in a beautiful Florida sunset.

Last Supper

Admission (March 29). Bowel prep with Miralax and a rectal tube to prevent things from getting too messy (worked very well).

Day 1 – Surgery. Was rolled down to anesthesiology at around 6am and back to recovery at about 3.30. Went to ICU, as planned.

Day 2 – And things get interesting. I was given 6 to 8 L of fluid during surgery. My hemoglobin went down to 5.7 and my blood pressure dropped to 50/30.

Day 3 – After three units of blood, my hemoglobin was back up and has continued to improve. I rested the entire day and didn’t try to sit up.

Day 4 – Got washed up and started the process of sitting up in bed. Sat up about an hour and a half. Laid down and slept for about an hour and a half! Later that afternoon I got into my chair. I should say I was placed in my chair… all I did was keep my balance and sat there. Dizzy and definitely weak. Started running a low fever. It’s not unusual, but miserable nonetheless. Sat up in bed and ate some ice chips. Unfortunately, I had too many ice chips and ended up feeling a little queasy.


Day 5 – Slept well and got washed up. My dirty hair is definitely starting to bother me. I was switched from ICU to the BCIR unit today. The switch interfered with me sitting up in my chair.

The pain has been well-managed. (As my brother noted, I have my own epidural.) I still can’t eat anything for at least 7 days. I can have a few ice ships, but I get a bit nauseated. I have PTN (Total Parental Nutrition) going through the PICC line – about 1400 calories a day. I have needed to take breathing treatments and work on the incentive spirometer (all the normal things for a quad post-surgery).

That’s about all I can report on right now. I can’t say enough about every medical professional who has work with me thus far at Palms of Pasedena Hospital. (Five cheers go out to Susan Kay, especially!)

Here’s the calendar for the coming weeks.